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Julie Ballard, founder | Carrot Clinical

"I've been fortunate to work with Julie on multiple occasions and can't say enough about her expertise, professionalism, and acumen ... the quality of her work is superb!"

Jim W. 

Chief Scientific Officer

Hi, I'm Julie Ballard

I’m an independent clinical laboratory consultant with 25+ years of leadership, operations, quality systems, and regulatory experience in industry-leading biotechnology start-ups.


A California licensed Clinical Laboratory Scientist by training, my expertise is in:

  • Building (from the ground up), scaling, and maintaining clinical laboratories, quality systems, and regulatory programs

  • Attaining CLIA certification, CAP and COLA accreditation, and California state, New York state, and other applicable state laboratory licenses

  • Validating and launching high-complexity novel laboratory-developed tests (LDTs)

  • Providing laboratory requirements for laboratory information systems, health and safety, facilities, and patient confidentiality programs

  • Hiring, training, and mentoring high-performing teams


Prior to founding Carrot Clinical, I played prominent roles in establishing quality management systems, regulatory compliance programs, and laboratory operations at ViroLogic (IPO: VLGC, Aq: LH), Genomic Health (IPO: GHDX, Aq: EXAS), TOMA Biosciences (Aq: Trident Labs), Guardant Health (IPO: GH), GRAIL (Aq: ILMN), and Seer (IPO: SEER). 


I have a proven track record of achieving goals and delivering results on time. I value integrity, trust, and collaboration. I look forward to working with you. 

Carrot Clinical:
The Inspiration Behind the Name 

Throughout my career, peers gave me feedback that I was really good at explaining CLIA regulations in a way that made sense, and provided practical solutions.

The carrot, believed to improve vision, represents the insight and clarity I provide to clients.

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